Annual Maintenance Agreement

Dear ProtekZaman Personnel Attendance Control Software User;

We will produce faster solutions to your problems,
Make our Software Efficient, Easier and Convenient,
Take advantage of your telephone and remote access free of charge during working hours,
We are at your service with “Software Update, Phone and Remote Access Support Agreement”.
The ability to connect to your computer with the following programs when remote access is required,
You will need your ID and password to help you.


The guarantee period of our program is one year. In this process, we have provided you with free technical support by providing quick solutions to your problems by providing training to increase the usefulness and efficiency of our program.

We will continue to provide this technical support service free of charge to our customers whose warranty period has not expired.

The efforts to adapt the changes in the official legislation to the software can be spent, ensuring that the resulting software and innovations are delivered to you as soon as possible and the ability to employ qualified and sufficient personnel for these services creates cost as you appreciate.
In order to provide you with all these services without interruption, uninterrupted, fast and in a way, we provide you with an invoice fee to be paid once a year.

Our customers whose warranty period has expired cannot pay Technical Support Fee by making “Software Update, Phone and Remote Access Support Agreement Her or they can get one-time Technical Support by paying the price to be invoiced according to the transaction to be performed.

We hope that our customers whose Expired Warranty Periods will be provided with the necessary sensitivity in order to provide uninterrupted and better service of our Technical Support services and will meet us with your understanding.

With the belief that we will continue to work together, We wish you well-being with earnings and success.

With my love and respect

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ProtekZaman Control Systems
Software Support Specialist

Our company offers technical service with TSE Service Qualification Certificate.

Annual Maintenance Agreement