Established in 1985, Zkteco first started AR - GE studies in the field of fingerprints, and in 1998 introduced the first of the relevant fingerprints.

With its achievements, in 2002, 8 million citizens in Shanghai successfully implemented the fingerprint project.

Following these developments, in 2003, Zkteco produced and launched the Zkteco A1 model pdks, the entire organization from the production line to the sales chain.

This model has the first embedded fingerprint module to be used worldwide. Since then F4 and X628 models have been manufactured and started to work internationally as an OEM provider.

In 2005, ZKteco decided to continue its expansion and opened its overseas offices.

In 2006, Zkteco decided to industrialize and moved to Shenzhen and increased its production capacity and activities.

In 2009, Zkteco opened branches in the USA and South Africa and gained ISO9001 certification to accelerate its production.

ZKTeco has a large factory in Shenzhen China with the most advanced production machines and strict quality control. ZKTeco fingerprint reader has high sensor sensitivity and is produced entirely by ZKTeco. In addition to personnel tracking system, Fingerprint Recognition devices are used in cafeteria systems, access control and member tracking systems.