Warranty Conditions

All of the electronic products we distribute, especially the products we distribute, are under warranty for 2 years and our software is guaranteed for 1 year.

We provide unconditional service to our products for possible problems such as fabrication errors, assembly errors, electronic component defects, as well as 10 years of spare parts availability.

We are proud of our customer satisfaction.

Our company has always been at the customer's side in cases of malfunctions that have been broken, minted, deliberately damaged, soaked by negligence or similar situations.

However, you may appreciate that our devices are not covered by the warranty in the event of the following items.

  • Physical damage, (Fracture)
  • The device is wet
  • At least 2 years (730 days) have passed since our device sales.
  • If the device is exposed to overvoltage or lightning, (In such cases, significant burns will occur in the device circuit)
  • The warranty label of the device has been removed,
  • The cover screws of the device have been removed,
  • If the device does not have warranty certificate, sales contract or invoice, (You can use the sales contract or product invoice instead of warranty certificate even if you do not have a warranty certificate for our products.)


In case of the above mentioned items, our devices are out of the scope of the warranty.

For the needs of our company by choosing our products and our customers who prefer our company, we will work together in your new projects with the belief that we wish you well-earned earnings and successes.

Sincerely and Yours,


Warranty Conditions